by Jenny Diehl | 13 March, 2021 |

So, Norman Cousins was bedridden, having lost the use of his limbs, and his jaw had nearly locked shut…

He decided to check himself out of the hospital and into a hotel across the street… and started watching funny movies, continuously.  (It should be noted that he was also taking very high doses of Vitamin C).

Laughter Is Internal Jogging

by Jenny Diehl | 12 March, 2021 |

“...It moves your internal organs around.  It enhances respiration.  It is an igniter of great expectations.” ~Norman Cousins

What's Going On Your Skin?

by Jenny Diehl | 09 March, 2021 |

Did you know that companies are not required to put all of their ingredients in a particular product on the label?  #truestory

Did you know that companies will use a word like “fragrance” to represent a concoction of hundreds and thousands of chemicals?  #anothertruestory

Make Your Own Herbal Mouth Rinse

by Jenny Diehl | 08 March, 2021 |

Conventional mouthwashes on the market can contain (and this is just a short list):

Caramel (color)
Poloxamer 407
Benzoic Acid

I never know if I’d have this little angel...!

by Jenny Diehl | 27 February, 2021 |

I have gained knowledge and wisdom through my seasons of suffering and what I have learned is that disease and illness doesn’t have to look the way that it did (for me) in years past. We can take control of our health by the choices that we make. I never knew this before. I just let things happen as they did, and I let other people tell me what is best for me, instead of educating and standing up for myself. 

This was the loneliest time of my life...

by Jenny Diehl | 24 February, 2021 |

For nearly 6 years I cried for, hoped for, and prayed for a baby.  I never knew if I would be able to have kids, and that was a hard pill I could not swallow.  I actually never believed deep down that I couldn’t have children, though -- I always had hope.

During my journey of infertility and the miscarriages I suffered — these were some of the loneliest times of my life.  It’s something tha...