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Why Cura.Te

We like to think of Cura.Te as a "Labor of Love" because it took four years to perfect our organic product lines and launch this business. We continued in this pursuit because anything used on your skin (your largest organ) is worth the effort, and so are you!

With a grateful heart,
Jenny Diehl, Founder and Love Curator


When we began forming the concepts, ideas, and principles that this business would be founded on, we kept coming back to the question: WHY? Why are we doing this? Why will anyone buy our products? Why will it matter?

The answers to these questions all came down to a common theme-- people need to know that the products they consume affect their health, dose by dose. For those who are consuming products made with artificial ingredients such as chemicals, dyes, perfumes, and preservatives the need is even greater! 

We understand that a lifestyle change is not on everyone's wish list, and some people are not open to our invitation to help. Ultimately, we realize that we may not reach everyone, however, we know we will reach the ones who are searching (ahem...YOU!). Our desire is great and our mission is a noble one.

Our heart is to serve.

There is a growing number of people who are seeking out a better alternative to what the world preaches. As we were developing these concepts we turned our focus to this group because we can offer a solution. The solution we provide is not just a product, it is a community of love and encouragement. Our desire is to engage with you, explore your needs, and educate each other with solutions. Within this community we believe we can affect people's lives in a positive way-- The Cura.Te Way!

Speaking of Cura.Te, you might be wondering where that name came from. Our hope was to find a name that would mean something, both to us and to our customers. We teach some Latin to our kids because it provides a great base for learning many languages, so we started to explore the Latin translation of certain English words and phrases. In simple terms, our mission was to help people care for themselves and that is what we wanted to convey in our name. 

What we found was a Biblical reference in Luke chapter 4 where Jesus uses the phrase, "Medici, cura te ipsum." when speaking to his disciples. A common translation is "Physician, heal yourself." and it speaks to the concept of taking care of yourself first, then others. It was a perfect fit for what we want to share with you. Cura te it is!

As mentioned above, our heart is to serve. The logo we use is meant to convey that message. Every ingredient in every product in every package is a reminder to us that this business is built upon the gift of love. A precious gift given to us, and extended to you.  We hope you can feel the love in every single product we make!