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The Number One Toxin To Avoid...

by Jenny Diehl | 15 January, 2021 |

Especially to combat Alzheimer’s Disease...

The culprit?  Aluminum.  (And, yes, it is toxic even in small amounts.)

Aluminum is a neurotoxin, which means it poisons the brain and nervous system.  Studies show that there is a link between aluminum build up in the brain and Alzheimer’s (and other neurological diseases).

My Mom Had the BEST Smile!

by Jenny Diehl | 13 January, 2021 |

But many years after this picture was taken, that smile was stolen.  A silent enemy creeped up on her and slowly took her smile, her laugh, her daily functions, her memory, her brain...her life.

Your Clean, Non-Toxic Facial Routine

by Jenny Diehl | 11 January, 2021 |

One of the ways I care for myself is washing, toning and moisturizing my face morning and night.  It’s part of my routine and my longevity lifestyle.  Paired with eating foods from the earth, I use ingredients from the earth to nourish my body — inside and out.

Are You At Risk For Alzheimer's Disease?

by Jenny Diehl | 08 January, 2021 |

We started to notice it in her early 50s.  “She’s just going through menopause,” we said. The truth is the future was going to be very grim.  This was her Alzheimer’s Disease starting to rear its ugly head.

Created Together with The Smile Enthusiast!

by Jenny Diehl | 06 January, 2021 |

Connecting with @the_smile_enthusiast!  This lady is SUCH an amazing person and I am honored to call her my friend and longevity coach.  #goals #futurecenturionlife

Do You Wish For Good Health?

by Jenny Diehl | 05 January, 2021 |

“If one wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness.  Only then is it possible to help him.”  Hippocrates