I never know if I’d have this little angel...!

I never knew if I’d have this little angel….!

I have gained knowledge and wisdom through my seasons of suffering and what I have learned is that disease and illness doesn’t have to look the way that it did (for me) in years past. We can take control of our health by the choices that we make. I never knew this before. I just let things happen as they did, and I let other people tell me what is best for me, instead of educating and standing up for myself. 

I have learned that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Without my losses, I wouldn’t have gained so much. That’s so ironic, isn’t it?⁣

Something that I’m super grateful for and attribute to helping me conceive were some medicinal herbs that I started consuming when I was wanting to get pregnant.  Vitex (also known as chasteberry), red clover, and red raspberry are amazing herbs for female hormones and fertility support.  These herbs helped me tremendously and were a huge part of the reason why I was finally able to get pregnant, and sustain a pregnancy.

Wherever you are on your health journey, I’m here to tell you that there is hope.  No matter what.

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Don't forget that everything we put on our skin affects our health and fertility as well.

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For anyone out there who is currently going through infertility and/or miscarriages, I see you and I send you a big hug right now!

What do you need support with today, Friend? You are not alone. 


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