Our Gorgeous Teas are at Basecamp Durango!

by Jenny Diehl | 30 March, 2021 |

Roasted Chicory & Dandelion Root

{woody & nutty -- a great replacement for coffee!}

Hibiscus & Rosehips

{citrus notes with a slightly tart finish -- hello Vitamin C boost!}

Red Root & Raspberry Leaf


Your Body Hears Everything Your Mind Says

by Jenny Diehl | 24 March, 2021 |

I remember reading this years ago from the Medical Medium, “If you or someone you love have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, chances are you’ve been told that your body is attacking itself. Hearing this probably stripped you of hope that you can heal and left you feeling betrayed by your own body. Today there are countless mysterious diseases that have been labeled as autoimmune conditions. But the problem is that the concept of autoimmunity is inherently flawed and this mista...


by Jenny Diehl | 23 March, 2021 |

SO excited that I just finished taping a show for @rvntv with my friend, @sheridemaris.  We met last year on the @hhas_vegan_cruise and this was my second appearance on her show.  I’m very excited for it to be released — stay tuned!  Can you guess what we focused on for this episode??

Death is Not the Greatest Loss...

by Jenny Diehl | 21 March, 2021 |

Do ya’ll remember me telling you about Norman Cousins last week?  The man who healed himself from a disease in which he had a 1/500 chance of surviving?

This man healed with LAUGHTER!!

Happy Spring 2021!

by Jenny Diehl | 20 March, 2021 |

Are you ready for spring?  Like it or not, most of us sprang forward last weekend (I see you Arizona, and know that you don’t observe the time change:).  How is everyone else doing with the time change?

Turbo Charge Your Vitamin C!

by Jenny Diehl | 16 March, 2021 |

Rosehips help to turbo charge other Vitamin C you consume in your day, so it’s key to be including this herb in your regimen.