Make Your Own Herbal Mouth Rinse

Honoring this AMAZZZZING woman on International Women's Day!

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, The Smile Enthusiast and Cura.Te have put together a blend of all the herbs you need for The Smile Enthusiast's Herbal Mouth Rinse (just add water and rosemary essential oil!).

Conventional mouthwashes on the market can contain (and this is just a short list):

Caramel (color)


Poloxamer 407

Benzoic Acid




Benzalkonium Chloride

Sodium Benzoate

These are all nasties and I’ll tell you about one in particular:Sodium Benzoate 

This nasty islinked to cancer, Alzheimer’s &  ADHD.  It actually depletes cells of oxygen and is  linked to organ toxicity.

And yes, ethanol… Seriously??!

Get yourself our DIY Herbal Mouth Rinse today!!

It’s all weighed and measured and ready to go, so that you can make this mouth rinse for yourself at home! 

All the herbs included are organic (of course).

*Recipe and instruction card included with order*

Herbal Mouth Rinse - make it today!

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