Are You Ready, Friend...?

Are you ready, Friend…?

It’s time!!  Yep, the time was yesterday!  

Time for what, you ask?  

….Time to get those fillings out!

Friend, do you still have amalgam (silver) fillings in your mouth?

Silver fillings are a combo of liquid mercury (50%+ -- which is HIGHLY toxic), silver, copper, tin and other trace minerals.  These are collectively called “amalgam” fillings.

Silver (amalgam) fillings are less money and are covered by insurance and over 50% of dentists still use amalgam fillings to this day.  Unfortunately, there is NOTHING safe about amalgam fillings.  While amalgam fillings are called “silver” fillings, the silver part is not the toxic part -- it is the liquid mercury.

While the American Dental Association states that amalgam fillings are safe, it’s known that mercury released into the body -- in this case slowly, continuously, and with every bite that a person takes, is highly detrimental to one's health.  The mercury is released even faster when the mouth is heated - such as chewing gum or drinking a hot beverage.

In 2009 the FDA admitted that mercury is “more risk” than they originally thought.  However, if they say it’s too risky or outlaw it all together they would be responsible for removing the fillings (via insurance) of more than 100 million Americans!

Always, always, always follow the money.  They do not want to take on this responsibility.

Mercury easily crosses cell membranes and has significant toxic effects at a much lower level of exposure than other inorganic mercury forms.

Amalgam fillings leach dangerous toxic mercy into the bodies of everyone who has them.  Both acute and chronic mercury exposure can cause major health problems.  They are one of the top causes of mercury poisoning.  The dangers of mercury fillings are cumulative -- so the longer you have them the more mercury you will have in your system.  

Have you had your fillings removed?  Or do you plan to have them removed soon?  Let me know!!  I’m excited to celebrate you!!



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