Get these outta ya — yesterday!

I’m so proud of my beautiful friend, Heather!!  

She recently had her amalgam/silver fillings removed!

Ya’ll know that if it were me, and I had amalgam fillings, I would have them removed yesterday!  

They are so toxic and full of the nasty toxin mercury!  Why is this so dangerous, you ask?

The normal flora in our mouths can change mercury into other forms like methylmercury which gets into our body’s tissue.  Chewing gum is one of the worst things you can do because this heats up the mouth making the release of mercury increase at a faster rate.  Also, things like drinking hot beverages can also increase the rate of mercury release increase.

Mercury exposure is linked to kidney, brain, fertility, neurological, urological and renal problems.  These are even more severe in developing fetuses, nursing babies, and children, however, they are toxic to everyone.

Many neurological and chronic fatigue symptoms go away with the removal of amalgam fillings.

Some health issues related to amalgam fillings include:



Breathing problems

Weight loss

Weakened immune system


Muscle weakness

Endocrine disruption

Unstable emotional state

Loss of appetite



Hearing Loss

Memory Loss

Cardiovascular issues

Skin changes

Mercury poisoning, AKA “Mad Hatter’s Disease” 

It is absolutely vital that amalgam/silver fillings be removed for the sake of your health!

All fillings must be removed by a holistic or biological dentist - someone who has been trained in how to remove these fillings safely

You must have nutritional support and prep your body before the procedure.  Then you must be ready to detoxify from the mercury exposure.  Even though you’ll have a trained doctor to remove them, you’ll still have some exposure to the mercury.  It will be at a much lower rate than an untrained doctor.

During the days following the removal, your mercury levels will increase -- your symptoms may get worse before getting better.  They will get better as you support your body through detoxification.

So many conditions can be improved.

Just a word of caution about dental care in general -- your dentist’s office is very toxic from all of the radiation they use on a daily basis and there are a lot of untruths out there.  For example, did you know that cavities can be reversed naturally?  Did you know that root canals can lead to heart, lung, brain and kidney disease?  Think about it -- how is leaving a dead part inside your body a good thing?  It only causes your immune system to weaken.





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