Turbo Charge Your Vitamin C!

Do you know how to turbo charge your Vitamin C intake?

From our friend and longevity coach, The Smile Enthusiast:

Rosehips help to turbo charge other Vitamin C you consume in your day, so it’s key to be including this herb in your regimen.

The vitamin C in rosehips is the most bio identical and bio available form of vitamin C in existence, which means it’s the most usable form for our bodies. Not only that, but the vitamin C in rosehips has the power to transform other vitamin C found in the system from other foods you eat, into something bigger and better!

Vitamin C in rosehips is more anti-inflammatory than from any other source. This helps increase our blood’s white count by strengthening our neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils and macrophages and boosts the immune system against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, and other unwanted fungus.

Rosehips also support the thymus gland which is a specialized organ which helps your immune system to function optimally.

Rosehips have a higher ratio of antioxidants than most healing foods, and contain a wide variety of antioxidants in addition to their high levels of vitamin C.

You can bet that rosehips are definitely a part of my #longevity lifestyle!

Rosehips — get em in ya!

(PS - We have our Immune Boost Blend which includes nettle leaf, hibiscus, and — you got it! — ROSEHIPS!)

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