Our Gorgeous Teas are at Basecamp Durango!

Look at these gorgeous teas!

And not only are they beautiful, they are healing to your body and soul.

We are excited because our friends @basecampdurango (www.basecampedurango.com) have added some of our medicinal herbal blends in collab with @the_smile_enthuisiast to their menu!!

So if you find yourself in Durango (or you already live here -- lucky!), be sure to visit @basecampdurango and get yourself some yummy food, and a healing tea.  I mean, just look at the cute tea pitcher it’s served in.  That alone is worth the visit! 

Here are the offerings you’ll find on the menu:

Roasted Chicory & Dandelion Root

{woody & nutty -- a great replacement for coffee!}

Hibiscus & Rosehips

{citrus notes with a slightly tart finish -- hello Vitamin C boost!}

Red Root & Raspberry Leaf

{black tea flavour without the caffeine -- hello digestive aid!}

Licorice Root, Red Clover & Lemon Balm

{earthy & sweet -- hello after dinner drink!}

Chamomile & Peppermint

{delicate & floral -- hello relaxation!}

Don’t live in Durango but would still love some of our healing medicinal teas?  Check out our website -- CuraTeForLife.com and search under “Medicinal Herbal Blends”.  We have a lot of blends to choose from for whatever you may be healing from and we ship all over the world!   

Need some additional support in your healing journey, or just don't know what blends might be best for you?  Be sure to reach out to my personal longevity coach, @the_smile_enthusiast.  She offers coaching and personalized consultations -- or join one of her jumpstarts!  

It’s no secret that I plan to live a long and healthy life -- my goal is to live well past the century mark, so my focus everyday is on what can I do to achieve that goal?  I’m so grateful to have found someone on the same journey as myself, who is looking to become the Guiness Book of World Record holder @the -- so you’d better believe that I have locked arms with this lady!

Who’s with us??  We know not everyone is looking to live as long as we are, but I bet that you want to live your healthiest while you are blessed to be on this beautiful planet.  One way to do that?  Consume healing herbs on a daily basis.


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