#FutureCenturionLife Layaway (Payment #1)

Embark on a transformative journey with #FUTURECENTURIONLIFE, not merely a healthy lifestyle textbook but an immersive exploration into my longevity lifestyle. Delve into the world of my signature medicinal herbal blends, crafting your own fresh medicine through herbal infusions, decoctions, and herbal hot toddies. Uncover the secrets of growing sprouts and microgreens, along with a plethora of ZEROWASTE food ideas, tips and hacks. From a diverse array of "meal of the day" recipes to herbed smoothies, juices, snacks, dips, soups, and salsas, this comprehensive textbook covers every facet of my longevity lifestyle.

Discover my blueprints for juice-fasting, and see what a week of fueling looks like for me. Explore my hydration essentials, along with extensive pages covering where I receive all my nutrients through my diet. Gain intimate knowledge of my past health struggles, navigating the perilous "supplement trap," and unlocking my keys to longevity. Peer into my thought processes and the intricacies of my brain's wiring. As if that weren't enough, explore the groundbreaking platinum standard guide to ingredients, meticulously curated with over 3000 items marked ❌ or ✅, establishing a personal platinum standard for what goes on and in our bodies. A standard which far surpasses anything which the EWG offers. I’m super excited to have my partner in longevity, Jenny Diehl, collaborate with me on this section. She has truly gone above and beyond my expectations here. Jenny helps all of us to “level up” our own personal standards and help us to navigate around ingredient labels easier.

Now, let's discuss the unique layaway program:

Secure your copy of #FUTURECENTURIONLIFE with a $150 USD deposit and receive a complimentary copy, our gift of thanks to you, when you invest today into your future-self. “Herbalicious” is a massive herbal text book. It’s several years worth of my herbalism studies packed into over 600 pages. It will serve as your personal guide to the 200+ plant tools which adorn my personal herbal pantry. “Herbalicious” is an educational tool which will transfer my nearly decade worth of plant medicine studies into one comprehensive yet very easy to understand textbook (valued at $99 USD). Once you are ready to progress toward your second and final payment of $124 USD, payable at your own pace—whether it's a month later, 2 months later or 6 months later. We'll safeguard your copy until that final payment, and upon completion, #FCL will be dispatched to your doorstep.


Consider this investment not just in a textbook but in a wealth of knowledge, insights, and wisdom that far surpasses what you would receive in a one-hour consultation with me (priced at $299 USD). 

For $274, you unlock my entire longevity lifestyle, a blueprint to enrich your life forever. Moreover, #FCL has the potential to save you hundreds on monthly supplement costs, making this investment a transformative and cost-effective choice for your future-self.  As I always say, I’m all about making those choices and decisions today that my future-self will thank me for— are you?