Accountability and Support

On Going Coaching...

Sometimes we need a bit of hand holding during our healing journey, because healing, (the liver especially), doesn’t come without its ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we are taking one step forward, and 2 steps back—and for some people, this is more than what they have the capacity to handle on their own. 

By working with me, inside this accountability & support program, you will basically have me right in your back pocket—I’m just a text away!

If you have a question, it will be answered with very little waiting time. If you are experiencing symptoms, and need support—help is just a click away. If you wish to discuss a meal idea or have questions about food; I will guide you to make the best, most productive food choices which are directly aligned with your own personal healing journey.

Need to talk about herbs and herbal infusions? I will be here to give you advice and offer insight on what I would use for myself, if I was in a similar health circumstance as you.

Got questions about supplements—and need guidance to help you understand if certain supplements are right for you? I can offer you insight into what I would do, and help you find the highest quality supplements, while helping you steer clear of the supplements which have unfavourable ingredients.

Having the peace of mind that your coach is always just a button-push away can be the difference between staying on track with your healing journey, or falling off the tracks. 

You will have access to an exclusive communication app which allows for you to text me, and upload photos anytime! There’s even a phone call feature and video call feature which can make scheduled one-on-one time more convenient than connecting on Zoom.

I’m here to support you along your healing journey, and help keep you accountable, while encouraging you to stay on the right path. If you need the guidance and support of a compassionate human who has over 6 years experience utilizing healing herbs, and utilizing food as medicine—I am here to support you, guide you, and help you to move your healing needle forward.

This accountability & support coaching program is an on-going coaching program which renews every month—until you decide that you no longer require support, guidance and accountability.

I look forward to working alongside you.


This on-going coaching program is $499 USD monthly, and will be billed to your credit card each month.