Would You Take the Test?

I am the third of four siblings in my family.  I have an older brother, an older sister, and a younger brother.  Here we are… circa 1984.

After my mom died in 2007, the neurologist told my siblings and me that we should be tested to see if we might be susceptible to also getting Early Onset Alzheimer’s. He especially wanted my sister and me to have the testing done because women are more likely to get Alzheimer’s.  I can tell you that to this day I remember that moment and the only thing that I felt was complete fear.

Last week I asked you if you thought I got the test done.  (Thank you for the responses… pretty spot on!). None of us (my siblings nor me) ended up having the testing done, and it was shortly after that time that I started my journey in holistic medicine.

Let me share with you why I did not have the test done… at the time, I was too sacred.  I was scared of the results.  I would’ve rather lived in oblivion than to think I was going to go down the same path as my mom.

I’m very grateful I didn’t have the test done, and I’ll tell you why.  Over the next several years I learned how powerful our minds are.  I believe that at that time if I would’ve gotten the test done, it probably would’ve shown I was susceptible to Early Onset Alzheimer’s, after all, my genes are 50% from my mom.  And if that would’ve happened, it may have put me down a spiraling path.  I had just lost my mom, and shortly after her death, I lost a baby in utero.  

I’ve learned many things since that time that I’d like to share with you.  I am not afraid to get Alzheimer’s and I do not believe that it’s in my genes, or runs in my family.  

Friends, this is why I believe disease “runs in the family.”  If your aunt/mother/grandpa/uncle, etc., get a disease, what have you been taught to think?  “It runs in the family.”  Get this — you actually have a less than 3% chance of getting this disease or that disease because a family member has it.  Do you know what runs in a family?  Poor diet choices.  Poor lifestyle behaviors.  Poor mindset.

Tell me… would you take the test?

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