The Number One Toxin To Avoid...

Especially to combat Alzheimer’s Disease...

The culprit?  Aluminum.  (And, yes, it is toxic even in small amounts.)

Aluminum is a neurotoxin, which means it poisons the brain and nervous system.  Studies show that there is a link between aluminum build up in the brain and Alzheimer’s (and other neurological diseases).

I grew up in the 80s. A large amount of we ate was out of a can and microwaved. You may do your best to avoid this nasty, and may not even know that you are being exposed to aluminum.  Now, there are a billion things made of aluminum, but I am focusing on not ingesting aluminum through my mouth or through my skin.

Here’s what I do:  Aluminum is hidden in many products such as lotions, deodorant, baby formula, food wrappers (like candy bars, yogurt, TV dinners), antacids, processed cheese, cake mix, shampoos, vaccines, and so many cosmetic products.  A lot of meat has a high level of aluminum because so many animals receive vaccines and antibiotics. For me, I only use products where I can read all of the ingredients.  Just because something looks natural, has a leaf on it, or says “plant based”, does not mean it is good.  Do your research.  And remember, your skin is your largest organ!  I use Cura.Te. :)

I do not use aluminum cookware, aluminum foil, or drink from aluminum cans, etc.

I strive daily to remove aluminum from my life — and from my body.  One of the best ways to draw aluminum out of the body is to consume a trace mineral called silica.  Silica has been known to draw aluminum out of the body.  I use it in conjunction with chlorella or spirulina, which helps to eliminate the aluminum through the bowels.  Foods that contain silica include: cucumbers, bananas, sprouts, carrots.

Water is one of the best sources of silica, and since so much of our water is not safe for us to drink, cook with, or shower in, it is important to filter your water.  Interestingly, water from the islands of Fiji is shown to have a high amount of silica.  There’s even been studies that show the correlation between drinking Fiji water and memory improvement.  

Along with my friend, The Smile Enthusiast, we have created our 4-Step Anti-Alzheimer’s/Pro-Brain Protocol. I would implement this immediately for myself if I was experiencing any memory issues, or dementia/Alzheimer’s behavior.  

  1. Warm Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom 
  1. Organic Burdock, Organic Dulse, Organic Plantain, Organic Red Clover Blend  
  1. Organic Gingko, Organic Periwinkle, Organic Sage, Organic California Poppy Blend 
  1. Wild Harvested Cats Claw & Organic Lemon Balm Blend

This system contains all 4 blends and is valued at over $106.  Special pricing right here on our website.