Her Brain Was “Eaten Away” By These...

When we had the autopsy done on my mom’s brain, it was “smaller than the average brain and it looked like Swiss cheese” was the report.  It was what you would typically see in an Alzheimer’s brain.  My mom’s brain was literally “eaten away”.. but, by what?

Last week I talked about the correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. Other heavy metals that were toxic to my mom’s brain — hence, the “Swiss cheese” — were lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, & lead. 

Removing heavy metals from my body and doing my best to keep them out of my body is something else that I do to help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in my life.

Today I will share some of the things I do (or I would do) to remove heavy metals from my life. This is just me — you do what feels right for you. I am simply here to let you know what I feel is best for me on my journey.

  • If I had any silver/mercury/metal fillings, I would REMOVE THEM ASAP. I cannot stress this enough.  If I had these fillings in my mouth, I would have them removed at once.  I would only have them removed by a biological or holistic dentist, because they know how to correctly remove them.  Mercury from those fillings is always leaching into the brain, especially when it heats up (eating hot foods, drinking hot beverages, etc).
  • I would never have a root canal, and I am very cautious of dental work in general.
  • I do not microwave foods.  I personally do not even own a microwave.  I avoid them at all costs!  The “convenience” is not worth it.
  • I do not get vaccinations (flu or other).If you have questions regarding these, please be sure to know the ingredients and the possible side effects.
  • I do not take pharmaceutical drugs.  I do not believe that my body is lacking from anything I cannot get by other means — such as food and sunlight.
  • I replaced my toxic personal care products and my cleaners. 
  • I do not eat canned foods.
  • I do not spray pesticides in my yard, in my home, or on my body (hello DEET!).
  • I do not drink tap water. I only drink water that has been filtered. 
  • I eat organic food, not conventional food grown with pesticides.
  • I am very careful about how I speak about getting disease — I don’t do it!I do not ever verbalize this.  I would suggest that you never verbalize you are afraid to get Alzheimer’s, or that you are afraid of “losing your mind.”

As hard as it was to see my mom suffer and die, I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and her journey.  Her suffering made me step back and ask, “How did this happen to her?”, “How I can prevent this from happening to me?” 

One of the things born out of those questions and that was searching was Cura.Te.  After learning about how toxic our everyday products are (yes, even those “natural ones”), I started to evaluate everything that went on my body.  And, you see, nothing on the market at that time met my standards.  This all started because I wanted to make the cleanest and safest products for me and my family.  

I consider every one of you part of that growing family.  I appreciate your trust and confidence in us — I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

I hope today that you’ll consider changing or replacing one thing in your life that might be contributing to any health issues.  You may be experiencing health issues now, or they may be contributing to future health issues (which we want to avoid!).  Make one small change today and let me know what that is!

Alzheimer’s kills more people than breast and prostate cancer combined and is projected to affect more than 14 million Americans by 2050. Don’t let it happen to you!

Need help?  We are here for you!

Cura te,


PS - Be sure to check out our 4-Step Protocol that I would implement immediately if I had any signs of dementia/Alzheimer’s/memory issues. Also, our deodorant is aluminum free! All of our products support living a toxic free life — get ‘em on ya and in ya today!