Do you care about what you eat?  Do you care about what you are putting IN your body?   Most of you reading this know that “we are what we eat.”  Literally. Our bodies are amazing and are constantly repairing themselves.  The nutrients from the foods we eat are the building blocks to repairing and regenerating literally everything in our body!  You may not feel it when you are feeling “fine”, but you know when you’re not feeling well that your body isn’t working property, right? We have a choice at the time - go to the doctor for some band-aid (AKA pill) or really look at our lifestyle - what we eat, what we think, what we do (or don’t do) to take care of ourself, and what we say to ourselves.  We need to be the changes we want to ourselves!

I personally know so many people whose lives have changed for the better once they stopped eating the SAD (appropriately named) “Standard American Diet” and changed to a healthier, organic, and in a lot of cases, plant based way of eating.  And when I ask them, “What are you doing to take care of your largest organ, your skin?”, I a lot of times get a blank stare. See, we don’t really think of our skin in that way. Our skin IS our largest organ and everything we put ON our skin (directly or indirectly) gets absorbed into our bloodstream.  

Most body care products have countless harmful toxins and chemicals in them, and this little (BIG) thing called...FRAGRANCE.  From my friends at #stinkmovie, “Many consumers are unaware of the “Fragrance Loophole.” Look at all the cleaning products under your sink and at the personal care products in your bathroom. You may find the vague word FRAGRANCE on product labels – FRAGRANCE appears to be a singular ingredient but it’s not. FRAGRANCE is used in lieu of disclosing the actual chemical ingredients, which could be hundreds. These secret chemicals may be linked to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone disruption. And this is legal in America. While Europe has banned nearly 1,400 chemicals in its products, only 10 are restricted in America – and that’s by design. Our system to regulate chemicals Stinks!

Because of the Fragrance Loophole, American don’t get to choose the chemicals their families are exposed to; the fragrance, cleaning, chemical and personal care industries gets to choose for us and they don’t have our best interest in mind.” -- Stink!  (I highly recommend watching the documentary Stink!)

Whew!  I don’t know about you but that information ALONE made me throw out ALL of my cleaning and personal supplies years ago!  Scary, huh?

So, what are you putting ON your skin, by the way?  What are you putting on your scalp (IE, toxic shampoo)?  What are you putting on your skin indirectly through your dishwasher soap?  Laundry soap? Air fresheners that you breathe directly into your lungs?

We at Cura.Te are very passionate about helping people to think about not only what you are putting  IN your bodies through the foods you eat, but what are you putting IN your bodies through the words you listen to - from the news you hear, see or read, or the people you interact with?  Are these positive and encouraging things you should be listening to? What are you putting IN your mind through the words you speak to yourself? Do you speak words of life or death to yourself?  And, lastly, what are you putting ON your body through the personal care products you use -- deodorant, shampoo, soap, lotion, etc? What are you putting ON your body indirectly through the cleaning supplies you use - dishwasher soap, laundry soap, cleaners, air fresheners, etc?  

If you are in any way thoughtful about what you are putting IN your body, we encourage you to think twice about what you are putting ON your body.

Now, go out and spread love to this world of ours.  And remember. There is love. All around you.

This is why I #lovecurate,