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Do you remember from science class that the earth has a slightly negative charge to it?  And do you know that when our bodies become even the least bit inflamed (and I’m talking just everyday wear and tear and toxins entering from the environment and our food) we have a “positive” charge?  By touching the earth -- the dirt, sand, rocks, water -- you come in contact with this charge from the earth and it can “neutralize” our cells, and give us many positive health benefits.

Think about this for a minute... in today’s “indoor” world, where most people work inside, and most of us are wearing shoes (with rubber and plastic soles) while outside, we could go months, even years, without having contact with the earth.  A lot of people in past cultures slept outside. Today, we barely step outside! This could be taking a detrimental toll on your body.

So, get outside today and get your body to the earth.  Walk barefoot, go to the beach and get in the ocean, go camping, lay on the ground and make “grass” angels.  Do anything you can to get your body touching the earth (sans clothes and shoes!). Notice how you feel while doing this. Your body will thank you for it.

Cura te,