In this busy paced world of ours, I challenge you to make a home cooked meal, and really enjoy the process.  Be intentional about what you make. What is the best food that is going to feed your body in the best way? What foods bring life to our bodies?  How can you best care for yourself and your family through a good, home cooked meal?

I personally have a plant based/plant strong (vegan) way of life.  I believe that foods from the earth are best for our bodies. Think about it, foods that grow by the energy of sunlight and are alive with that energy when we eat them, how better for our bodies to be fed and healed?  

Secondly, pick every ingredient out in a mindful way.  If you have your own garden and are harvesting your own fruits and vegetables, I applaud you!  If not, and you are going to the store for food, think about the farmers who grew that spinach or celery, and the individuals who picked those apples or lemons.  I encourage you to buy food that is organic -- not sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. I also encourage you to buy locally and what is in season, to the best of your ability.  Find your local farmers and support them (or become one)!

Next, enjoy the process.  I feel this is so important.  Many of us are so rushed these days that our food is a last minute thought or drive-through meal.  Be intentional. Really think about this meal that is feeding and giving life to your body as you make it.  Give thanks as you prepare the food, and as you sit down to eat.

Eat slowly, savoring every precious bite of life.  Chew each bite at least 25-30 times (no, I’m not kidding!) and really enjoy this meal, like no other meal before! Eat slowly, chew fully, and really enjoy this meal, whether you are alone or with your family. Again, think about and give thanks for the hands that had a part in growing and picking this food.  And the hands (your own!) that prepared this food.

This process will change the way you look at food and at eating.  Heather Morgan says, “Every time you eat or drink, you are either fighting disease, or feeding it.”  What’s on your plate?

Now, go out and make yourself and your family a really good, home prepared meal.  Share with us about the process and what you made! I’d love to hear from you. Remember, look for the love. All around you.

Cura te,