Featured ingredient: Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon.

The (food grade) activated charcoal we use comes from coconut shells because of their high carbon content. They are heated and then steam distilled (as opposed to chemically activated charcoal that you use for BBQs, etc. NO, you would not want to ingest that kind of charcoal!). Through this activation process, the carbon becomes porous, which in turn, allows it to become a “vacuum” for toxins and chemicals.  Activated charcoal ADsorbs (not to be confused with ABsorbs) toxins, meaning they adhese, or bind, to the surface. Then, the activated charcoal takes those harmful chemicals with it as it is excreted from the body (internally or externally).  We like the call activated charcoal our “army of soldiers”.

Despite its black pigmentation (which will stain white surfaces, so be mindful here), it’s known to actually remove stains on teeth from coffee, wine, etc., and it has a very cleansing effect in the intestinal tract, removing poisons and heavy metals. Enjoy activated charcoal’s healing properties in our powder toothpaste. Can you just picture your “army of soldiers” removing all of those built up toxins? 

Add some activated charcoal to your daily routine!

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