Ingredient Spotlight - Citronella

What’s that crisp, lemony aroma that fills the summer air? It’s the yummy (and useful!) citronella. This summer-themed scent is common for keeping the bugs away, but what is it anyway? Did you know citronella actually is a grass grown in Asia and the South Pacific? And interestingly, it is also called mosquito grass.

Citronella helps with the bugs and also has many wonderful healing properties such as: 

  • relieving pain
  • decreasing inflammation
  • calming spasms such as muscle spasms and menstrual cramping
  • help treat and/or prevent headaches, colds, and fevers

Bonus! It can also help fight depression by inducing a fresh, happy, and upbeat feeling in you and your surroundings.

We use it in our bug spray because most importantly it effectively repels the mosquito that carries the Zika virus. Not only does it help repel the pesky mosquito, it also helps to fight off lice and fleas. Plus it is safe for our furry friends, and can help to not only fight off insects and fleas that are bugging them, but can calm them as well. 

Citronella -- get it on ya!!