I’ve been married for almost 21 years and I can say I *may* have some experience here. Back the in day (last millenium - the dark ages?) when my husband and I were dating and even for the first 10 or so years of our married life, we did not have this thing called technology. I know, how did we live?  How did we communicate? How did we function (haha!)??

At times I miss those days, not being reliant on cell phones and computers. Being forced to communicate face-to-face.  Other times I’m grateful for being so connected and the opportunities technology has afforded us. However, how many of us feel that tug of the cell phone over the tug of our spouse? And I want each of us to take a minute and PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE or turn off the computer and go give your spouse a hug. Right now!!!

It’s super important that we nurture the most important relationship we have on this earth - the one with our one and only. Take some time today and carve out time just to sit and be with each other - no phones, no devices!  (PS - turning off the devices and cell phones is good for your health, too.)

Cura te,