Now, I don’t know about you, but this is an absolutely fun and important thing to do to Cura.Te!  Not only are you caring for yourself, you are also caring for your child.

Our children need our one-on-one attention to feel like they are being loved, appreciated, and heard, and purposefully planning that time once in awhile means it will happen.  

I encourage you to find a place to go where you can focus on your precious one and I challenge you not take your phone or turn it off during this time. Just spend an hour sitting with them, talking, getting to know them better.  Sometimes in the busyness of life, our children can, unfortunately, take a back seat. We don’t mean to let that happen, it just creeps in -- and before we know it, our kids are gone!

So, go ahead, plan that date with your child.  And, if you are blessed to have more than one, you may need to plan several dates.  Do it today!

Cura te,