EMF is the electromagnetic field produced by our electronic devices. EMFs are invisible to the naked eye, and the dangers of EMF exposure are real and scary!  Devices that emit EMFs include, but are not limited to, laptops, tablets, cell phones (smart and not-smart), televisions, and the worst culprit of all - wireless routers.  From the Primal Herb, “Studies are helping to explain the new cases of imperceptible health problems, fatigue, malaise, and undiagnosed illnesses occurring more and more in the population as of late.  One of the suspects: radiation from EMRs permeating from our daily devices… more and more major health authorities are acknowledging the very real evidence and health hazards from this technology all around us.  This even includes WHO (the World Health Organization), the largest global health authority on the issue.”

In his 2016 TEDTalk in Berkeley, Jeremy Johnson, a Ph.D. in engineering and expert on EMF exposure, says this, “...what the science shows is that we are all affected (by EMFs) on some level, whether we can feel it or not, and the reason is, is because essentially, our bodies are electric.  Every cell in our bodies communicates using tiny electric signals.” Johnson continues, “It’s how our nervous system operates, so to think we can put an exponential amount of microwave radiation into our environment and not feel effects is simply false.”

And lastly, from Jack Kruse, a health expert and proponent for the harms of EMFs, says, “Humans have altered their electromagnetic background more than any other aspect of their environment.  It is estimated that in 2012, the radio waves that surround our planet today are 1 billion times the amount that naturally reaches us from our sun!”

These are some common symptoms of someone exposed to too much EMF exposure: brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, stress, depression, and more. Some more prominent health issues include: brain tumors, cancer development, childhood leukemia, infertility, poor sperm quality, cardiovascular problems, and more.

We are not powerless or helpless, there are things we can do to help mitigate EMF exposure:

Be mindful of your environment - make it a point to get outside and away from devices and Wi-Fi.

Turn off Wi-Fi at night.

Keep devices at a distance (DO NOT wear them on your body!).

Wear blue blocking glasses while on devices.

Keep devices off and away from sleeping areas.

Spread the word!

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