Yes, I am a child at heart.  Yes, I jump on a trampoline everyday.  It’s so much fun! Seriously, not only is jumping on a trampoline (AKA rebounding) a lot of fun, it’s also very good for your health!

Rebounding has been shown to help astronauts recover from losing bone mass after being at zero gravity while in space.  It provides an increase G-force, strengthening the musculoskeletal system. It’s twice as effective as running on a treadmill.  One of the main benefits to rebounding is the moving of your lymphatic system. Rebounding affects every cell in your body. For this reason, it’s very effective for detoxing and boosting the immune system.

Rebounding also improves digestion, muscle tone, and is twice as effective as running without the added stress on the knees and ankles.  Rebounding increases endurance, balance, and circulates oxygen throughout your whole body.

There are so many more health benefits, but I think think is enough for now to get you started. Do you?

Cura te,