One way to detox from heavy metals is to sit in a sauna.  And, there are many other health benefits to sitting in a sauna as well.  

Saunas help our bodies go into a parasympathetic state, which allows us to rest, heal, digest, and de-stress. Sitting in a sauna, and building up that sweat, helps you to release toxins.  Sitting in a sauna also helps to improve circulation, which is helpful in relieving muscle pain, arthritis, and increasing mobility. These overall benefits can also decrease your risk of heart disease and heart attack.  Other positive side effects of sitting in a sauna are helping with mild depression, musculoskeletal pain, and skin conditions.

Sitting in a sauna also helps to lower stress because you are generally more relaxed.  Releasing endorphins, the “feel good chemicals” help you to feel just that -- good. And, because you are generally alone or with people you truly like and trust, this helps in lowering stress and feeling good.  

Far infrared saunas are the ideal type of sauna to sit in because far infrared is part of the spectrum of natural light.  Far infrared light deeply and directly penetrates the tissues and heats of your core temperature, making it very safe and effective at removing toxins from your body.  

The benefits to sitting in sauna, working up that sweat, are endless.

Try it for yourself today!

Cura te,