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Organic Rosemary Leaf (Whole)

1/4 lb

A note from @The_Smile_Enthuisiast, longevity coach and co-creator of our Medicinal Herbal Blends.

Here’s why I adore rosemary -- it helps to nurture my noodle! Rosemary has the ability to stimulate my memory, improve my concentration, and help overcome any mental fatigue I might have by increasing the blood flow to my head and my brain! Rosemary has been used for years as an antiseptic, antidepressant, analgesic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, aphrodisiac, and expectorant. Medical Medium says that this aromatic herb can alleviate nerve-related conditions. It can boost the immune system, it helps to fight off bacterial and viral infections, it can help respiratory ailments, it can strengthen digestion, and can improve circulation. 

Rosemary contains 2 powerful anti-inflammatories—rosmarinic acid, and caffeic acid. These compounds are ideal for those who suffer with auto-immune disorders, and can be helpful for those who are struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. If I suffered with any inflammatory conditions, or even asthma or chronic migraines; as rosemary contains properties and volatile oils that work similarly to anti-histamines—I would be bringing the rosemary into my life; both as a tea, and used fresh, on my food.

Medical Medium say that rosemary’s diuretic properties can help relieve gout, edema, and kidney stones. He says It can also be helpful to alleviate depression and sadness and can decrease anxiety brought on by stress.