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Organic Comfrey Leaf

1/4 lb

A note from @The_Smile_Enthuisiast, longevity coach and co-creator of our Medicinal Herbal Blends.

Comfrey is a mucilaginous herb with a slight astringent quality. It has been used topically for generations to help in the healing of injuries. This medicinal herb contains important minerals that the body requires for the healing process. Comfrey also contains allantoin, which is a substance that stimulates cell growth. When comfrey is applied to the skin on rashes and irritations, it can have some healing benefits. The high content of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, makes comfrey pastes and salves the ideal solution for speeding up the healing of wounds. The antioxidants in comfrey also help eliminate foreign substances in the body and can help in preventing skin cell death, and promote healing. If I was suffering from chronic pain in my body, or if I was recovering from an injury, I would apply comfrey salves and lotions to those areas, to help provide pain relief. 

Comfrey contains analgesic substances and various organic compounds, like saponins and tannins, which also serve as anti-inflammatory components inside this powerful herb. If I suffered from arthritis, gout, or any other inflammatory disorders, I would use comfrey salves as often as necessary. 

If I broke any bones, I would be sure to add comfrey, topically to my healing tool box. The unique combination of organic compounds found in comfrey can stimulate the regrowth of bone minerals, by facilitating more efficient uptake and use of these minerals within the body.

If I was suffering from anything from a spider bite to a bad case of eczema, I would turn to comfrey to help alleviate the symptoms and reduce irritation. A combination of vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds makes this one of my desired healing tools, should I need one for any skin irritations--from psoriasis to acne and everything in between.

I do not consume comfrey internally, as there are some concerns about hepatic toxicity if taken internally.