#FUTURECENTURIONLIFE - Smile's Longevity Hardback Textbook

Step into the heart of my longevity lifestyle, a labor of love meticulously woven with passion that surpasses the realms of a typical ‘healthy lifestyle book’. Within the pages of this massive published work, you'll discover more than just my daily practices and mantras; it's a treasure trove of simple, nutrient-dense ‘meal-of-the-day’ recipes, plus my zerowaste recipes that help you stretch your food, and your dollar too! You’ll learn more about my ambitious longevity goal, my keys to longevity, and how I use whole plant food to receive my nutrients. 

Deep within this massive textbook you’ll learn more about my own personal health struggles. You’ll gain a greater understanding of how I came to cultivate so much wisdom and personal experience in the ‘healing space’. I share my own strategic methods and mindset that have shaped my path to where I am in my own longevity journey. You will absolutely be shocked and inspired by my experiences. This book is sure to raise your awareness on several health related topics, and perhaps you may even become more dedicated and motivated inside your own healing journey, once you’re equipped with all the valuable tools inside this book.

As you advance further through this easy-to-digest longevity textbook, explore the richness of my signature medicinal herbal blends, my kitchen hacks, and my zero-waste tips. Learn how to grow your own sprouts and micro-greens without spending money unnecessarily on expensive sprouting  contraptions. I teach you how I make my own fresh herbal medicine in the form of herbal infusions and herbal décoctions. I share my herbal hot toddy recipes, as well as some of my favourite snacks, dips, and salsas.  In addition to all of this, I add some of my favorite juice combos and herbed smoothie recipes which will surely inspire you along your quest to great health and longevity. I share my juice-fasting blueprint with you, as well as a look into a week of fueling to give you a better idea of how I fuel myself on any given week. Inside  "the supplement trap," section, I openly share my experiences and opinions to engage your mind and allow for you to marinate in some of my most profound thoughts about the supplement industry. I share the experiences of some of my clients as well—something I believe many of my readers will resonate with, and be empowered by.

Here’s what this text book is not— a promise that you will heal all of your chronic symptoms and conditions. As we know, we are all unique individuals, and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all healing lifestyle. But what this published work will offer you, is insight in to MY longevity lifestyle. You’ll learn about the unique healing path that I carved out for myself in effort to achieve MY highest quality of health; my symptom-free life.  This textbook authentically shares insights drawn from my personal experiences, offering guidance, motivation, and inspiration for anyone (women especially), who are on their own path to improved health, vitality, aging gracefully, and a better quality of life—I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that being our best self, and having great health and vitality is our number one priority!  #FutureCenturionLife is the blueprint to show you how I achieved this for myself, and how I am able to stay consistently dedicated to this lifestyle, as I navigate closer towards being a world record holder in longevity.

That’s not all—

Also inside these pages, you'll uncover a very unique, first-of-its-kind, "platinum standard ingredient guide" boasting an expansive 3000 ingredients, all of which we can easily find on the ingredient labels on various products sold at organic markets world wide. In a world full of greenwashing, and organic ingredient labels which seem to be lowering our personal standards when we don’t think to question them; this textbook serves as your compass, empowering you to make more mindful choices for yourself and your loved ones.

A heartfelt thank you extends to my partner in longevity, Jenny Diehl, whose wisdom about ingredients, chemicals, and synthetic compounds enriches every page inside this section. 

#FutureCenturionLife isn't a boastful claim about a lifestyle that holds all the answers to great health, healing and longevity. But it’s certainly a detailed account of my personal practices utilizing whole plant foods and whole medicinal organic herbs as my trusted tools for MY great health and longevity. This book is a humble acknowledgment that the uniqueness of my dedicated lifestyle sets it apart from the vast majority of “wellness/lifestyle” books. This published work is real, straightforward, and the potential value it holds for you inside your journey is immeasurable.

Embrace the excitement of this first pre-sale launch; here, the path to a vibrant, healthier life might just be a page-turn away.

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