Bar Soap - Chocolate Rose

5+ oz bar:

Cacao powder, cocoa butter, and rose clay team up at the beginning of your “Box of Chocolates” with a bar that is luscious from head-to-toe.  Rose clay is a wonderful, gentle exfoliator, without being harsh. Cacao powder helps to oxidize your pores, which can help slow the aging process.  The perfect combination of chocolate and rose in one package -- brilliant!

Handmade in Durango, Colorado with 100% LOVE.

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, purified water, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic fair trade cocoa butter, lye*, organic virgin sweet almond oil, organic virgin avocado oil, organic cacao powder, rose clay.

(*no lye left in final product after saponification) 

Wonder why we make soap with lye?  Check out the reasons here!