It’s All About Your Skin, Baby!

It’s all about the skin, baby!

What are you putting on your skin...?  What are you putting on your largest organ, Friend?

What are you putting on your scalp (shampoo, conditioner, coloring, etc)?  What are you putting on your skin indirectly through your dishwasher soap?  Laundry soap?  Air fresheners that you breathe directly into your lungs?

The cosmetic industry is worth over $508 billion worldwide. And, did you know that this $508 billion industry is largely unregulated?  I’m sure many people assume the products on shelves in the stores are tested for safety and this is absolutely not true.  The FDA does not, and cannot, test for chemicals in products that have been shown to be linked to cancer, reproductive harm, allergies, and so much more.  What’s more, terms like “natural”, “organic”, and “hypoallergenic” are used without any oversight, therefore in many cases, these terms are used in an untruthful manner.  

What’s most bothersome is that companies are not required to disclose all of the ingredients in their products. These “trade secrets” can be a concoction of the tens of thousands of chemicals registered for use in personal care products.  These chemicals are known carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, and so much more!  Aluminum, formaldehyde, lead, petroleum, fragrance, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and others are being allowed in our everyday products, with the average woman being exposed to 200-500 chemicals just from her normal “beauty” routine!  

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) in the US doesn’t regulate chemicals in cosmetic products. Unlike the European Union and Canada, which have banned over 1,400 chemicals combined, the United States has only banned 11.  YIKES.

Our body is not made to break down man made chemicals.

The average woman uses 13-17 products per day which involves 200-500 chemicals being rubbed on her skin PER DAY.

Post workout products on the body -- you workout, sweat and excrete sweat which is excreting toxins -- now what are you putting on your body??  Taking a shower, washing with chemicals, and putting on deodorant, face washing, lotion, cologne, perfume, etc., -- they  are all going right into your bloodstream!

Just as we should be eating foods from the earth, we should be using ingredients on our skin that are from the earth.

That’s what we are here for!  Thank you for entrusting us with your largest organ.

Cura te,


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