Are you a

I got deathly ill from being a "yes-woman"...⠀

In my "former life" (AKA before I got a backbone), I used to do it all. Yep, just ask Jenny, she'll do it! And I did. It. ALL.⠀

And one day, my world came crashing in. I realized that day that I hadn't eaten for three days (and I wasn't voluntarily fasting which I believe is actually very healthy), and I literally couldn't get out of bed because I felt like I was dying. Literally. I wanted my husband to take me to the hospital because I felt like I was going to die. And if you know anything about me, you know I abhor anything remotely like a hospital.⠀

Instead, my husband took me to a doctor friend of mine who knew me and knew the amount of stuff I put on my self. She checked my glands, did this 'n that to make me feel like she was doing "something". But deep down, she knew and she was very open and upfront with me that she knew I was taking too much on and that ultimately this was STRESS. Me, stressed?? No way! I can DO. IT. ALL.⠀

She looked me square in the face and said, "you need to get rid of what is causing this stress in your life. NOW." ⠀⠀

WOW. Okay, I was blown away! And I'll tell you, that hit me right between my eyeballs and woke me up!

From that time, I removed the stress from my life.  I decided that my health -- my life -- was worth more than being a "yes-woman."  I decided it was time to take care of ME, so that I could take care of those I love the most.  I decided it wasn't selfish to put me first.  I decided to have boundaries in my life.  And at the risk of disappointing others, I had to do it. For me.  

Let me ask you, are you a "yes-woman"?  Do you need to set boundaries in your life?


Cura te,