Unscented Body Rub - 3 oz

3 oz tin

This body rub is a bit different from our body butter, as this rub's "star ingredient" is the amazing kokum butter and this rub does not contain coconut oil, so it's not quite as volatile in warm weather.

Rub this yumminess all over -- face included!

Kokum butter is derived from the seeds of “Garcinia indica”, a tree indigenous to India. It is similar to cacao butter in that it has a uniform triglyceride composition. One can be easily substituted for the other in skincare recipes. ⠀

Kokum butter is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores; this is very useful for people who are prone to breakouts.⠀

Kokum butter is extremely shelf stable and is one of the hardest butters known. The texture is hard and crumbly, and the color is a very light tan as we only use unrefined kokum butter, to make sure you’re getting every healing benefit that kokum butter has to offer!  It is ultra moisturizing and melts on contact with the skin. ⠀

Kokum butter is an emollient that's easily absorbed into the skin while promoting healthy skin cells. Kokum butter has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for damaged skin. Kokum butter is especially a great alternative for those with sensitive skin. Its ability to rejuvenate damaged skin cells is a killer way to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.⠀

Kokum butter is high in stearic acid content which lends firming properties to your skin care recipes. A high oleic acid content gives this butter incredible moisturizing and regenerating effects, it also makes it absorb well into your skin. Kokum butter is more emollient than most butters, possesses natural healing properties, has a uniform triglyceride composition and promotes regeneration of skin. Kokum butter is meant to be used as an ingredient in cosmetic formulations. ⠀

The vast health benefits have been observed by studying centuries of holistic healing in local communities in India. ⠀

Handmade in Durango, Colorado with 100% LOVE.

Ingredients: Organic virgin fair trade shea nut butter, wild harvested unrefined kokum butter, organic sweet almond oil, organic castor oil, organic golden jojoba oil, organic tamanu oil.