For Men and Women - Baking Soda Free Stick Deodorant

4 oz cylinder roll on

One of the biggest challenges with our Stick Deodorant has been the packaging.  I’ve tried so many stick deodorant containers (compostable, cardboard, etc), and none of them have held up with enough integrity for us to use them.  I really did not want to use plastic, but I also didn’t want a container that was going to break down during the life of this product.  So, we did find a cylinder tube, and are happy that it will be the home of our new Baking Soda Free Stick Deodorant!

Did you know that most people actually need to rotate natural deodorants?  Have you had this issue before?  You’ve used a natural deodorant and it works great for awhile, and then it… doesn’t?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it isn't the deodorant… it’s you!  Haha!!  Deodorants generally leave a natural film on the pit, which is usually good because they are soothing and hydrating, versus drying.  But sometimes, switching up the formula for a bit (try rotating between deodorants every time you run out if you find this to be an issue), will help in keeping your natural deodorants working for you.  

Other things that affect your body odor include:

  • Any change in your life can affect your smell.  
  • What are you putting in your body?  
  • What is affecting your stress level?  
  • Are you going through some hormonal changes?  
  • What are you washing your body with?  
  • What kind of material is your clothing, and what are you washing your clothes with?  

All of these things can affect the way your body smells.

All of our deodorants are aluminum* free (of course), and our Stick Deodorant is baking soda free.  We have also changed up our roll-on recipe to have an option of getting it baking soda free as well.  I personally like to keep the baking soda option because it can be a stronger odor remover for those who aren’t affected by baking soda. 

I know that baking soda can affect some people by stinging or burning, and this can be a detox reaction.  However, the burning or stinging is usually caused by either too much baking soda in the recipe or… once, again — you!  Your own sweat!  A lot of times when people are using a natural deodorant instead of an anti-perspirant (deodorants which contain aluminum), your own sweat can be the culprit of you breaking out.  Most of the time, it really just takes patience as your body transitions, if you have been using chemical deodorant.

*What are you putting on your pits? Most deodorants in the marketplace have aluminum in them, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and liver toxicity, with nearly all of Alzheimer’s patients’ autopsies showing brain inflammation and abnormal levels of the aluminum in their brain tissue. Putting those toxic chemicals right on your lymph nodes is very dangerous. Our deodorant supports our philosophy of being life-giving and loving yourself.

Stick Deodorant Ingredients:

Organic, fair trade shea nut butter, organic beeswax, organic neem oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, non-gmo Vitamin E oil, organic spearmint essential, organic vanilla extract, organic tea tree essential.

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