RAD Salve

2 oz tin with twist top:

In collaboration with The Smile Enthusiast, we bring you our RAD salve.   Use it on your face as a face moisturizer, on your arms, legs.. where ever you desire.  You do what feels best to you!

Ultimately we can’t tell you 100% this is going to protect you from EMF radiation.  However, as two people who aim to live a long and healthy, disease free, symptom free life, this is something that we’ve added to our individual daily routines.  

Through our own research and study, we put together several powerful herbs that we feel will best protect our skin and our bodies from those invisible electromagnetic fields around us.


Handmade in Durango, Colorado with 100% LOVE.

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with these organic or wild harvested herbs -- rose petals, calendula, nettle leaf, milk thistle, dulse -- organic beeswax, organic essential oils (rosemary, peppermint, lavender, geranium)