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Organic Licorice Root

1/4 lb

A note from @The_Smile_Enthuisiast, longevity coach and co-creator of our Medicinal Herbal Blends.

Licorice root is a powerful adaptogenic herb which also contains anti inflammatory properties. It’s also known to help relieve coughs and colds, gastrointestional issues, and female reproductive issues and can have a mild natural laxative effect.

Licorice root has also been known to treat  heart burn, acid reflux, nausea, indigestion, stomach pain, ulcers, adrenal fatigue, PMS and pain relief.

Licorice root has the potential help the body more efficiently regulate cortisol (the stress hormone) — thus giving your adrenals a break.  It turns out it’s one of the main adaptogen herbs to help improve stress response.

This medicinal herb is also known to help the immune system. It’s triterpenoid content has been suggested to be a strong anti-viral and has been used in the treatment and prevention of hepatitis, HIV, and influenza.