Honey Infusion 5 Pack

In collaboration with The Smile Enthusiast, we are so excited to bring you this Sampler Pack of Honey Infusions!

The honey we use is Raw, Unpasteurized Colorado Wildflower Honey & all of the powders used are organic.

Each jar is 4 oz:

Camu Camu & Amla Berry Infused Honey

Red Dragon Fruit with Orange Peel & Goji Berry Infused Honey

Aronia Berry & Maqui Berry Infused Honey

Bilberry & Açai Berry Infused Honey

Colorado Mud Infused Honey — A great chocolate substitute (with or without cacao) -- please specify which one you'd like in your order notes or email us at curateam@curateforlife.com.  If you do not specify, we will send the infused honey without cacao.  Thanks!


From Smile, “Raw honey is part of my longevity lifestyle and I consume it multiple times a day.  But why would I consume plain, raw honey when I can consume it infused with these amazing, high antioxidant, unique fruit powders?  Not being able to get these fruits fresh (especially in North America in the winter), consuming their organic powders infused in honey is the next best thing.  I love these turbo charged honeys infused with some of the highest antioxidant fruits on the planet.  Infused honeys — get ‘em in me!”