Healthy Harvest Wash - Refill, 32 oz

Please note, this is the Healthy Harvest Wash Refill to refill your Healthy Harvest Wash (Fruit & Veggie Wash) bottle!  This is a 32 oz bottle, which gets you 16 refills.


 Most fruit and veggie washes on the market have tons of nasties in them...and yes, I am talking about those "natural" ones, too!

Just check out this short list:

Lauryl Glucoside




Decyl Glucoside

Sodium Coco Sulfate

Natural Cleansing Agents

Alkyl Polyglycosides

Caprylyl Glucoside

Myristyl Glucoside

...and many more!  YUCK!!

You can be sure you'll be washing your fruits and veggies in the cleanest possible way with our Healthy Harvest Fruit & Veggie Cleaner.

Handmade in Durango, CO, with 100% LOVE and these ingredients:

Purified water, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, lye*, baking soda, organic citrus essential oils.

Directions:  Add 5-6 pumps into your sink with water, and add fruits and veggies.  Let sit for several minutes, scrub if preferred, and rinse.  Enjoy!

(*no lye left in final product after saponification) 

Wonder why we make soap with lye?  Check out the reasons here!