The Soap Box

Do you Cura.Te in a fun or unique way that you'd like to share with us?  Send us a message or video and you might soon find it on The Soap Box.

Using our organic products is a great way you can Cura.Te. Here are a few other ideas:

Watch the sunrise!  
Having trouble sleeping, anyone? Seeing the sunrise helps your body make (ocular) melatonin in the morning, which in turn helps your body release (pineal) melatonin at night... to make you sleep. So get your cute self up and enjoy the sunrise. Tonight, you’ll thank yourself.
Keep your cell phone away from your body (do not carry it in pockets or bras)!  
Dr. Anthony B. Miller, MD, cancer expert, and senior advisor to the World Health Organization, concludes that RF (radio frequency) from cell phones and wireless radiation is a Group 1 carcinogen to humans. ‘Nuff said? 
Speak only life giving words to yourself and others!  
Life and death are indeed in the power of the tongue. What we say about ourselves and others is a reflection of our character. Transform your life and tell yourself you are loved and worthy. What follows your “I am”? Speak life giving words to everyone you talk to and about. You never know how it will uplift them. Now, go and have a wonderful day!