Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate.

Box of Chocolates

I don't know about you, but we love our chocolate around here.  Are you with me, or are you with me?  We love eating our chocolate, and we also LOVE slathering this stuff all over our bodies.  Are you still with me??! 

That's why this Valentine’s Day we are super excited for our "Box of Chocolates", made especially for love ON your entire body!  Not only do these products smell divine, they are divinely good for your skin!  Read on to learn about each product and the luxurious benefits of putting chocolate on your body.  Oh yes, I just said that!

Chocolate Rose Soap
Cacao powder, cocoa butter, and rose clay team up at the beginning of your “Box of Chocolates” with a bar that is luscious from head-to-toe.  Rose clay is a wonderful, gentle exfoliator, without being harsh. Cacao powder helps to oxidize your pores, which can help slow the aging process. The perfect combination of chocolate and rose in one package -- brilliant!

Double Chocolate Fudge Body Butter
One sniff of this and you’ll melt.  Try not to lick your arm off as you put it on.  We almost don’t have the words to say how yummy this is... yes it is THAT good.

Chocolate Bronze Body Scrub
The mix of three amazing ingredients makes this body scrub absolutely delectable.  We could go on and on about how cacao powder is high in omega 6 fatty acids, which aids in cellular healing, making it great for any bumps or wounds you may have.  What you are really wanting to know is that cacao powder also provides a boost in your metabolism, which we hear you’ll need as it’s also known as an aphrodisiac. You’re welcome.

Peppermint Mocha Lip Balm
Our peppermint mocha lip balm is the perfect blend of chocolate and mint to help those dry, cold winter lips. Putting this on is a sure-fire way to help them warm up, maybe with a few extra kisses.

Rose Water Toner
What’s a Box of Chocolates without a rose? From balancing the skin’s PH, moisturizing dry skin, and strengthening skin cells, to helping with conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema, and being a powerful antibacterial agent that you can treat cuts, burns, and wounds with, this product is a little piece of heaven on earth.  And, it smells like nostalgia. Try it on your pillow before bed or to freshen up during the day. Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet, or pair with chocolate any better? We think not.