Jumpstart: Liver Rehab

JUMPSTART: LIVER REHAB with The Smile Enthusiast

You'll receive the complete 31-day liver detox package, which includes a clear plan, weekly shopping lists, easy-to-follow recipes, and all the necessary herbs for making the herbal infusions and decoctions during this month-long program. This is a structured program, meaning you'll stick to the specified foods and drinks. Any exceptions require Coach Smile's approval.

The program focuses on a fat-free, plant-based approach—80% raw and 20% cooked. No supplements are included, but in some cases, Coach Smile might allow one or two after evaluating your situation.

This grassroots program relies on whole plant foods and natural herbs. It avoids processed supplements throughout the 31 days to stay true to its grass roots principles.

During the duration of the 31-day program while you are an active participant, you will enjoy daily access to Coach Smile through her dedicated Discord app server. Your responsibilities encompass the consistent submission of accountability photos – approximately 14 photos daily in real-time. These photos should capture everything you consume, providing a visual record prior to ingestion. Additionally, Coach Smile will require other details such as bowel movements in real time. This comprehensive approach aims to monitor and evaluate your body's detoxification progress throughout the program.

The Discord platform will serve as the primary channel for communication and support from Coach Smile. Here, she will engage with you and offer guidance to facilitate your journey through this 31-day program.

In addition to this personalized support, you can anticipate receiving valuable video content from Coach Smile at various intervals during the program. These videos will provide insights and guidance on the program's nuances, including details about the specific foods and herbs that constitute the program.

It's important to emphasize that this program operates optimally when adhered to with precision. For those who are meticulous in following the program's guidelines to the letter, tangible results can be anticipated. However, if one's aptitude for adhering to structured regimens is limited, this program might not align with their preferences and goals.

If you’re ready to move your healing needle forward, and need the help of a results oriented coach, there’s a seat in the LIVER REHAB Jumpstart program waiting for you!

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