Double Strength Vanilla Extract (Regular) - 8.5 oz (Vanilla Beans Included)

8.5 oz Square Glass Bottle with Swing Top

**This is NOT imitation vanilla!**

Our Vanilla Extract is simply:

Organic Vodka + Organic Vanilla Beans

This Vanilla Extract is very concentrated (it will be at least a “double” strength once it has infused for 4-6 months).  You may find you don't need quite as much as recipes call for (or you are accustomed to using!).  Start with less, and add more as you feel is needed.

The cool thing is, we also send you the vanilla beans!  We don't take them out of the bottle... we keep in there for you to have.  (Organic vanilla beans range from $6-$12 each!!)

You can refill the bottle with more vodka (or other grain alcohol) and let it infuse for another bottle of vanilla extract, although it may not be as strong after the second infusion.

You can also use the vanilla beans/vanilla caviar in baking recipes.  I personally love to grind up a small piece of a vanilla bean and use that in place of vanilla extract in a recipe.  YUMMY!

We also have this in an 4.25 oz size here.

Looking for alcohol free vanilla extract?  We have it in the 4.25 oz size and the 8.5 oz size.    


**Please note, you will most likely see "pieces" of the vanilla bean (vanilla "caviar") in the bottle, along with the bean perhaps looking moldy to you.   Don't worry, this is not mold!  The beans break down over time and this is perfectly natural.  I personally love the extra little specks as they add even more yummy flavor!