Yuzu Citrus Foaming Hand Wash

In collaboration with Macro Magic and The Spirit of Rice Documentary, we are excited to bring you this amazing soap.

In macrobiotic cooking it is encouraged to use the 5 tastes to create a balanced meal and menu.  Oftentimes it is hard to find a lot of foods with that bitter quality.  Yuzu has a bitter/sweet citrus quality and can add a bright spark to any dish.  A yuzu fruit is similar to a lemon and is mostly grown in Asian countries. It is perfect for brightening up a salad, sauce or vegetable dish.  Recently chefs are discovering its unique taste and are starting to grow them in America.  You can find a small bottle of this unique flavoring on line or your local health food or Asian grocery store.    

Along with adding a splash of yuzu to your macrobiotic dishes, it is also great for the skin. Yuzu has a lot of vitamin C helping to brighten the skin, add some moisture to the body, and combat dry skin.   

In celebration of the New Year, many Japanese women take a bath with fresh yuzu fruit to help discharge the old excess yang (salts, animal foods) and release toxins in the body.   If you cannot obtain fresh yuzu for your bath, you can substitute lemons!  In soaps and cleansers, yuzu provides that uplifting citrus refreshing quality.  Enjoy it in our unique Yuzu Foaming Hand Soap!

*This soap can also be used to hand wash dishes.*

YUZU Foaming Hand Soap Ingredients: Purified water, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic rice oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, lye*, organic yuzu extract, organic yuzu essential oil, organic orange essential oil

Wonder why we make soap with lye?  Check out the reasons here!


A portion of the proceeds of the sales from this soap go to support The Spirit of Rice.