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NUKA Rice Bran Soap Bar

In collaboration with Macro Magic and The Spirit of Rice Documentary, we are excited to bring you this amazing soap.

Do you ever wonder how Japanese women maintain such beautiful porcelain skin?  For centuries they have been washing their faces with nuka, which we know as rice bran.  Rice bran is the outer layer of brown rice — the fiber — and it can be used as a scrub to help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.  Many Japanese women know that this ground rice bran powder is great for cleaning their face and body as it contains a lot of vitamin E, fatty acids, trace minerals and rice bran oil.  Therefore, rice bran is not only a great cleanser but a wonderful moisturizer and good for all skin types. 

NUKA Rice Bran Soap Ingredients: Organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic rice oil, purified water, lye*, diatomaceous earth, nuka (rice bran), organic lavender essential oil, alkanet root powder 

(*no lye left in final product after saponification)

A portion of the proceeds of the sales from this soap go to support The Spirit of Rice.