Hi Everyone and welcome!  I’m so glad you stopped by, and I am so excited to tell you about the birth of this movement we call Cura.Te.

Now, you may be asking why we are calling this the birth of a movement…I’m so glad you asked! Please give me a few minutes to share this passion of Cura.Te with you.  

The vision I have for this movement is real, dedicated, and noble. You can read a little about my story HERE and why I am so passionate about this 22 feet of love (aka skin) wrapped all around us.

We like to think of Cura.Te as a "Labor of Love" because it took four years to perfect our organic product lines and launch this business. We continued in this pursuit because anything used on your skin (your largest organ) is worth the effort. What’s really worth the effort, though, is you!

After a period of “laboring” we are now “birthing” Cura.Te!

So...just what exactly is this movement?  To Cura.Te is to “care for yourself” and this means more than just diet and exercise. To truly care for your whole self means body, mind, and spirit. After spending years caring for my mom, my babies, my husband, and my grandpa, I realized that if I didn’t care for myself, I couldn’t care for those I love the most. This is in no way a selfish thing to do...it’s actually very self-less! If we want to truly care for others, we must care for ourselves first. If we aren’t healthy in mind, body, and spirit, we won’t be well and able to care for and love others the way we truly desire to. And this beautiful world of ours truly needs love right now...am I right, or am I right?!

Our desire here at Cura.Te is to care for you and you’ll find us Cura.Te-ing every day! We will be sharing with you how we Cura.Te in hopes you will be inspired, Cura.Te for yourself, and share that with our community, known as Club Cura.Te.

Now, go out, have a wonderful day, and remember: There is love. All around you!

My cup runneth over,