The Oxford Dictionary defines "resolution" as: A firm decision to do or not to do something.  How many times have you made a decision at New Year’s only to find by the end of January you’ve given up (or even forgotten) those things you wanted to change?

Ultimately we need to change our mindset, not because of a new year, but because nothing significant will change until we do.  I have to decide I want a better me, no matter what date is on the calendar, which is why I'm suggesting you re-think New Year’s resolutions.  Let them all go.  Instead, make a New You Resolution - to care for yourself!

We are excited to help you out along the way, one week at a time.  Beginning in 2019, we will be sharing 52 Ways to Cura.Te through a weekly blog.  This will provide practical ideas (in bite-size chunks) to care for yourself - mind, body, and spirit.  If you keep coming back to that, eventually all of those New Year’s resolutions will become your new lifestyle.  It’s time to Cura.Te... let's do this together!

Whichever ways you decide to embark on your journey to Cura.Te, we can’t wait to hear about it and encourage you along the way.  We hope you finally decide that it’s time to really take care of yourself.  Always remember: There is love. All around you.

My cup runneth over,