Cura.Te + Studio451 Jewelry

Cura.Te and Studio451Jewelry are partnering for more packages this Valentine’s Day!  This bundle includes a dainty triangle earring and necklace set in brass from @studio451jewelry & the Cura.Te Lavender Love Package.

From Erin, the designer of Studio 451 Jewelry, “I thrive energetically by creating and I’m constantly finding inspiration. Since I make my jewelry by hand, each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like the woman who will wear it. Jewelry is a very personal expression of what we find beautiful, truthful and sometimes, evocative. Since I strive to design with elegance and simplicity, my jewelry exists to enhance, not dominate, my customers’ unique expressiveness. To this end, I embrace change and am always seeking to create opportunities for new experiences. This is reflected in life, my personal style, and my jewelry as all continue to evolve.”  

I just love her.  Don’t you?

The necklace features a 3/4 inch triangular brass spear with a hammered texture that hangs from a 16 inch sterling silver chain.  The earrings to match are tiny 1/2 inch triangular brass spears that hang from stainless steel wires.

If you love Lavender, you will love this bundle of Cura.Te products!

Lavender Body Butter (3 oz)

Lavender Bar Soap (5+ oz)

Lavender Water Toner (4 oz)

Lavender Powdered Laundry Soap (64 loads)

Lavender Salve (2 oz)

This package is $159 + free shipping.

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