A note from @The_Smile_Enthusiast

A note from @The_Smile_Enthusiast

I am actively training to be a world record holder in longevity. The current record that I’m on track to beat, is held by a French supercentenarian from Arles, France, named Jeanette Calment. She lived to be 122 years and 164 days old. On November 13, 2097 will be the day that I crush this current longevity record!

I am consciously aware that my body is being inundated with factors which could impair my longevity goals. Things such as toxic heavy metals, radiation, rogue viruses, DDT, pesticides, herbicides and other concoctions of chemicals and poisons—many of which, I can’t control, nor can I get away from. 

Instead of burying my head in the sand, and feeling chronically doomed—I have adjusted my mindset in order to adapt, to this cluster-kabob of toxins and poisons, that everyday life exposes us all to.

I am taking control of my own life, I am self-educating, plus using healing strategies that have been in my family for generations. I am listening to my intuition, and extracting the information that makes sense to me!  I have adopted a lifestyle that will cater to, and nurture my longevity goals—and best manage these “troublemakers”, that are constantly looming overhead-- so that moving forward, these “troublemakers” simply won’t have a chance to cause me illness or disease (which in turn will help me achieve my longevity goals).

The key to great health and longevity, is largely about having awareness—on what I can do in my every day life to prevent these “troublemakers” from shaving valuable years off my life. 

I’m here, and teamed up with, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Jenny D, so that we can continue to jointly share our knowledge and awareness with anyone who strives to live their longest and best, symptom-free, illness-free, disease-free life—especially during times of planetary instability and uncertainty.


From the food and beverages we fuel ourselves with-- to the personal care products we rub into our largest organ, and the products we use around our home… We are both here to guide you along your healing path--to a vibrant and healthy life—Offering you all of the tools which you could possibly need in order to achieve the highest quality of life, no matter what your longevity goals might be!