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Wild Harvested Pine Needles - available by donation only

1/4 lb + (by donation, please see drop down options)

Wild Harvested in the Rocky Mountains of Southwest Colorado  

There is a lot of recent info online about pine needle tea being an antidote for this whole “shedding” thing… 

I do believe that a compilation of constituents from plants can be combined and extracted, and used in tandem to help lesson these phenomenal physical symptoms—and we have our hunches with what will potentially work... But this will take a case study in order to determine if it will even be effective.

If you would like to help us fund The Smile Enthusiast + Cura.Te Case Study, we will be sending Wild Harvested Pine Needles out to you -- for any donation of $50 or more.

***Please note, your donation toward our case study gets you some of our Wild Harvested Pine Needles.

In this case study, we will be working with people who have NOT received the shot, and who are currently experiencing phenomenal PHYSICAL symptoms which they believe to be caused by spending time in close proximity to a person or people who HAVE received the shot. This phenomenon has been coined as “shedding”. There are certainly a lot of THEORIES circulating about “spike proteins” which are being (theoretically) described by some health professionals to transmit from person to person—more specifically, transmitted from someone who has received the shot—onto someone who has NOT received the shot.

We (of course) will be utilizing plants from Mother Nature as our potential intervention.  

While we are by no means stating that we will be able to reverse phenomenal physical symptoms of “viral shedding transmission”, we are certainly going to try our very best to do so by utilizing a combination of various plant compounds and constituents.

If you would like to be a part of our case study (there is no charge to participate), please sign up here.

If you would like to donate to our case study efforts, we would greatly appreciate it.  This type of study it a huge undertaking both from a time and resource standpoint, and we appreciate if you feel led to donate and help us in this way.