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Organic Oatstraw & Organic Horsetail Blend

This blend is 30 servings, 1 TBS each or 90 servings, 1 tsp each. 

A note from @The_Smile_Enthuisiast, longevity coach and co-creator of our Medicinal Herbal Blends.


Oat straw is an incredible healing herb which is full of vitamins and minerals. It’s rich in vitamins A, C, E, K, & B-complex, and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, silica, and zinc. Momma Smiles used this herb in combination with horsetail—after she broke her knee. She feels it sped up her recovery time.

I use this herb because its highly beneficial for strengthening my teeth and bones, and is a great preventative intervention for osteoporosis—something I’m not interested in developing as my journey progresses here on planet earth. I also utilize this medicinal herb because it’s known to be particularly beneficial for the endocrine system and for supporting and balancing the adrenal glands… 2 parts of my body that I care for, and am very mindful of now--especially since I used to be an adrenaline junkie since my early years—plus, I used to suffer through painful and erratic periods—something I’m not looking to re-live again. I’m also a super-fan of this medicinal herb because It helps me out in the “cognitive department”…It helps to sharpen my memory, focus, and concentration skills.

So what other sort of symptoms or conditions would I use oatstraw for?

If I battled with brain fog, anxiety, depression, stress, nervous tension, and insomnia, oatstraw would be in my herbal rotation--to use regularly in my herbal infusions, as it benefits the nervous system tremendously.

If I broke anything on my body, oatstraw would be in every single herbal infusion that I consumed. Medical Medium says that oatstraw helps to strengthen teeth, blood vessels, and nerve sheaths making it an important herb for the skeletal, circulatory, and neurological systems. 

Since oatstraw has some powerful diuretic properties, it can help to reduce cramping, bloating, inflammation, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, water retention, edema, and lymphatic swelling.


Horsetail, aka shavegrass, is packed with vitamin C & B-complex as well as minerals such as silica, calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. 

I take this medicinal herb to help me reverse aging ;) Horsetail is well known for its anti-aging, anti-wrinkle properties due to its ability to help form collagen and repair damaged skin to produce a more youthful glow.

I also get this medicinal herb in me regularly because it’s excellent for strengthening bones, teeth, hair, and nails-- and it can improve bone density, and enhance bone flexibility. Once again, I’m taking the pro-active approach here in regards to bone density….Not going to be suffering through osteoporosis at any point in my journey; taking the proactive approach here. 

Horsetail is one of the best sources of silica (which is what the body ACTUALLY needs in order to create collagen)…Silica also strengthens the connective tissues of the brain, nerve cells, and spinal cord thereby improving memory and helping to prevent memory loss…and as you all know by now, I’m always exercising interventions which will help me nurture my noodle ;).

Horsetail also provided me benefits along my healing journey too, as this medicinal herb contains powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent properties.

So what other sort of symptoms or conditions would I use horsetail for?

If I suffered with incontinence, bladder weakness, edema, bloating, swelling, water retention kidney stones and urinary tract infections, I would bring in the horsetail--it contains natural diuretic properties which can come to the aid of these conditions.

If I broke any bones, pulled a hamstring, or dislocated any joints—horsetail would be a part of my healing protocol. If I was dealing with type 2 diabetes, I would include herbal infusions with horsetail into my daily routine—Medical Medium says that its been shown to help those with type 2 diabetes by significantly lowering blood glucose levels within 1.5-2 hours.