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Dishwasher Soap - Orange - 74 Loads

74 loads:  

No more powders, liquids, and pods filled with chemicals - which cause a lethal threat to babies, children, and anyone who may ingest them - to run through the dishwasher, leaving behind chlorine gas and who-knows-what-else on your dishware and utensils. Chlorine bleach, phosphates, fragrance, preservatives, artificial coloring, and other hidden chemicals reside in dishwasher detergents. From cancer to reproductive harm, from kidney damage to respiratory damage, why would these products be safe to put on your dishes, let alone eat from something that has been washed with them? One tablespoon of our safe and sound dishwasher soap will leave your dishes squeaky clean and safe to eat and drink from. Plus, we are totally transparent with our ingredients. Our product labels do not need the words caution, danger, or poison control. Just sayin’.

Handmade in Durango, Colorado with 100% LOVE.

Ingredients: Soda ash, Mediterranean sea salt, citric acid, organic cornstarch, organic orange essential oil.